The Second Floor Was Going to Cave In!

So this blog post is very different from my usual. Tonight I am highlighting a man with patience and skill! He took his passion for precision and fulfilled his dream! Chad knew that he wanted to own his company and remodel and restore houses!H.MoranPhoto

Some of you know the man on the left is my husband Chad Moran and his co worker Alex . Chad is the is the owner of Moran Construction. He recently brought me in to shoot a full kitchen remodel that is almost fully completed. When he first arrived on the job he was surprised that the second floor had not collapsed on this beautiful old home in the village of Liverpool. He was in his glory! A problem to solve and total reconstruction of a beautiful kitchen.

It was demo time! They had to remove brick walls, put up new headers and support the second floor! As Chad began to hang new sheet rock, run electric wires, hang marble and much more the cabinets were being custom created by an insanely talented man named Andy (owner of Phillips Custom Cabinetry). They both share the desire for high quality and perfection.

Then one day I got the call to come in and photograph as they were in the last stages of the kitchen being built. Wow. It was breathtaking. So crisp, clean and timeless!





Well done boys! The kitchen is fabulous!

Here are some of the reviews previous customers have given Moran Construction.

Scott Emery reviewed Moran Construction5 star

Moran Construction gives attention to detail from the initial meeting and planning to the last caulk bead going down. Friendly, clean, and thorough work every time. They’ve worked on two of my houses and are always my first call.
Highly recommended.

Moran construction finished out our entire basement in our old home and did beautiful, meticulous work. Every part of our project was done with much thought and attention to detail. My husband and I would recommend Moran Construction to anyone who wants to work with incredible people and get custom high quality work done!

You can contact Chad through his facebook page or

Chad Moran

315. 663.1885




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