What moves you in this series?

I just went to the store and bought a camera. I didn’t know anything besides the fact that I loved people and I loved beauty. They seemed to both be in this thing called photography. So I jumped all in and never looked back. Eight years later I find myself staring at a screen and wondering…. “Why do I love this picture so much? What is it that speaks to me?”


 All of my studying through these years and I can not pin point why I just love this series. I went on another photography forum and asked for opinions and such. But I didn’t really hear anything. I think it is so perfect because clearly this little boy is absolutely adorable but there must be more too. But it is so beautiful for so many more reasons. I went and turned the series into black and white to try to see what it was that I really love.


Ignore my crazy thoughts as a photographer. But in this picture I love that the light is gently touching his face. Just enough to bring him out is a soft subtle way. I also love that is  just makes his eyes just come right through the picture.


I just LOVE the choice the parents used. It almost takes you back to the era where little boys wore these clothing.  It is everything combined I guess. Let me know your thoughts! What stands out to you in these pictures. What do you enjoy about the series?


Let me know your thoughts!


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